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Why Call Green Pest Management When Wasps and Yellowjackets Arrive

Whether you live in a cabin out in the middle of the woods or on the white picket fenced corner of a suburb, there will always be a chance that wasps or yellowjackets may wander onto your property and build a nest. This is when stinging insects become less of a help to the environment and more of a threat and nuisance to you, your family, and your pets.

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When Stinging Insects Will Sting

Did you know that most stinging insects will not sting you if you are not nearby to their nest?  If a wasp or yellowjacket lands on you when their nest is far away, all it takes to get them to leave you alone is a gentle blow or shake of your clothing. However, if you accidentally intrude on their “turf” and they land on you, chances are they have landed to sting you and make you go away. Wasps and yellowjackets are extremely territorial creatures that will only sting if they, or their nest, are being threatened.

Hazards Of Having Stinging Insect Nests In Your Yard

As previously mentioned, stinging insects are much more likely to sting you if they have a nest nearby. That being said, the presence of wasps' and yellowjackets' nests on your property can raise a fair amount of concern, especially if you have children or pets you would like to keep safe.

A wasp or yellowjacket sting is not usually fatal but can be extremely painful. Several wasp or yellowjacket stings, (usually as a result of a nest being accidentally crushed or knocked down) can, however, result in a much more serious reaction that demands immediate medical attention.

On a different note, a single sting from a wasp or yellowjacket can be potentially life-threatening to anyone that is allergic to it. We recommend consulting with your doctor about this to make sure you know if you are allergic and should be staying extra careful to avoid stinging insects.

Problems With DIY And Why It Can Often Be Dangerous And Ineffective

It can be easy, especially if you are a tough problem solver, to want to deal with stinging insects on your own. However, here are a few reasons you may want to consider professional treatment for stinging insects over DIY methods.

  • Dealing With Stinging Insects Is Dangerous: When dealing with stinging insects, there is always the potential of being stung a number of times. If your exit strategy is not sound or your method of treatment leaves several hundred angry aggressors looking at you for revenge, your quick fix may turn into a nightmare.

  • Our Technicians Have The Proper Equipment And Training To Handle Dangerous Stingers: Our professionals here at Green Pest have been trained to handle a variety of dangerous pests and would be able to address stinging insects on your property with minimal risk to themselves or others.

  • Chemicals Can Be Harmful If Used Improperly: When it comes to using pest control products such as chemical sprays, it is always best to use the exact amount needed. Too much and you could make yourself, your family, or your pets sick upon exposure, too little, and you may not fully address the problem, giving stingers a chance to survive, rebuild, and continue causing trouble.

  • Our Professionals Has Been Trained To Use Pesticides: A professional with Green Pest Management, however, is trained in exactly how much pesticide to use to properly treat wasps and yellowjackets as to not put your family at risk. We even have methods that do not involve pesticides at all.

  • You Have More Important Things To Do: Your days are already filled enough as it is with work, family, and living life to add on the stress of spending hours dealing with dangerous pests.

  • Dealing With Pests Is What We Do: Let the professionals here at Green Pest take on the stress of getting stinging pests off your property. It does not cause us any stress to find a solution that keeps your home stinging insect-free year round. In fact, seeing homeowners freed from the pressures and dangers of pests is something we love.

Why Leave Stinging Insects To The Professionals

Here at Green Pest Management, the last thing we want to see are people getting hurt because of stinging insects. For this reason, we offer comprehensive plans and services designed to deal with all stinging insects. Whether you are looking for a way to have nests removed from your property, or for a long-lasting solution to keep them away, we have the solution for you here at Green Pest. All you have to do is give us a call today. We would be happy to find a solution that best suits your needs. It’s what we do!


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