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What are pillbugs?

Because of the way their bodies are segmented, pillbugs have a very similar appearance to armadillos. Adult pillbugs typically grow to be roughly one-half of an inch in length and can be identified by seven pairs of legs, brown and gray colored body, and two antennae. Contrary to popular belief, pillbugs are not insects. They are actually Isopods, meaning they are actually land-dwelling crustaceans. These pests are commonly known for the way they will curl up into a ball when threatened.


Are pillbugs dangerous?

The good news is that pillbugs are in no way dangerous to humans or pets. However, the bad news is that when pillbugs invade homes, they don’t do so one at a time, but instead in large numbers, making them quite an annoying presence to have in your home. This also makes them rather difficult pests to eliminate.

Where are pillbugs commonly found?

When living outdoors, pillbugs are commonly found living in damp environments such as beneath rocks, logs, and fallen leaf litter as well as along foundation lines and in garden areas, compost piles, and other damp areas. When they find their way inside, these pests are most commonly found in areas with high moisture levels such as basements and crawl spaces.

Why do I have a pillbug problem?

If you’re finding a considerable number of pillbugs inside your home, chances are there are many more outside. By nature, pillbugs prefer to live in high-humidity areas. In fact, they cannot survive anywhere else. Most commonly, pillbugs get into homes by wandering through a crack or gap in its foundation, or even straight through an open door. Once they have invaded, they seek out areas of the home that are high in humidity, such as basements, crawl spaces, or laundry rooms.

How do I get rid of pillbugs?

If you are looking for a way to get pillbugs out of your home while at the same time keeping them out for good, contact the pest control team at Green Pest Management. When we deal with pillbugs, we do not only address the ones inside your home, but we also build a barrier around your home to keep pillbugs out in the future!

Additionally, our residential pest control services are designed to exclude much more than pillbugs. Investing in our basic pest control package provides you with freedom from a number of pests, including:

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How can I prevent pillbugs in the future?

Reducing humidity is the best way to prevent pillbugs from making your home their own. Consider installing dehumidifiers in high-moisture areas such as basements, crawl spaces, and laundry rooms. Beyond this, the only sure-fire way to get and keep pillbugs out of your home is by partnering with the pest control experts at Green Pest Management. Reach out to us to us to get started with a free inspection!