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Trusted Pest Control Solutions In Newark, Delaware

Newark, Delaware prides itself on being a city that is diverse and provides an inclusive community for all its residents to feel safe and welcome. To help maintain that high quality of life, the pest professionals at Green Pest Management offer the eco-friendly services necessary to keep area pests out of homes and businesses. Our guaranteed services will ensure your residential or commercial property will stay free of pests. Our professionals take great pride in treating each of our customers as individuals, ensuring that your unique pest problems will be solved. To learn more about our effective pest control services, give Green Pest Management a call today.

Residential Pest Control In Newark, DE

a colonial style home serviced by green pest management in newark delaware

At Green Pest Management, we know how important maintaining a pest-free home is to you. Pests cause a variety of problems, including increasing stress levels! Our professionals treat every home as if it is their own and take pride in providing exceptional pest control services. Benefits of choosing us for your pest control needs include:

  • Detailed inspections

  • Treatment plans that target your home’s specific pest problems and meet your family’s unique needs

  • Utilization of industry-leading tools and techniques to eliminate and control pests

  • Going above and beyond for all our customers

To learn more about our home pest control solutions, reach out to Green Pest Management today!

3 Problems House Mice Cause In Newark, DE

Let's face it; a mouse is a houseguest that no one is excited about having. Mice are not considerate, they are not quiet, and they don't chip in on the rent. Mice are very problematic for homeowners. Three of the main problems they can cause if they get into your house include: 

  • Contamination of food sources with their saliva, feces, and excrement.

  • Introduction of a wide variety of diseases and parasites that are found on their body or in their urine, excrement or saliva.

  • Chewing and otherwise causing damage to wires, pipes, insulation, drywall, flooring, clothing, furniture.

To solve your rodent problem or to prevent a future one, partner with Green Pest Management. Our home pest control solutions can provide you with the services needed to keep these unwanted houseguests out of your Newark home now and in the future.

Commercial Pest Control in Newark, DE

Don’t trust just anyone to take care of your Newark business pest control needs, trust the locally-owned experts at Green Pest Management. We are dedicated to providing exceptional pest control and outstanding customer service.
To protect your commercial facility, your brand, and your reputation from pests, we will build custom plans that utilize top-of-the-line equipment and modern treatments. There are no pest problems too big or small for us to solve.
Choosing Green Pest Management for your commercial pest control needs means that you will receive a free estimate and our satisfaction guarantee. You will be able to take advantage of our full-service treatments—and of course, free re-treatments if ever needed! To learn more about our commercial pest control services, contact Green Pest Management today.

Signs Termites Have Invaded Your Newark, DE Home

The main reason termites are such a destructive pest is because the damage they’ve done becomes extensive before their presence inside a home is discovered. Noticing termite damage before it becomes significant can be quite tricky because it happens from the inside of structures, out of sight. Termites cause damage to the wood behind walls, inside of structural beams, and in crawl spaces.
Knowing a few common signs is helpful in finding and eliminating an infestation as quickly as possible. Signs that termites may have invaded your home include:

  • Finding mud tubes. Termites create pencil width mud tubes to move safely from their nest to food source. Mud tubes can be found running along the ground, along the foundation, and going up basement walls.

  • Viewing a termite swarm. Winged reproductive termites swarm from a mature colony (usually in the spring) to find a mate and create a new nest of their own. Discovering winged termites crawling up your interior or exterior walls or piles of their wings in doorways or along window sills is a good indicator that a nest is near or in your home.

  • If termites do cause enough damage, you may begin to notice floors that are "spongy" feeling, blistering paint on walls, and windows and doors that don't open or close properly.

If you are worried about termites living on your property or inside of your Newark home, contact Green Pest Management. Our professionals will come to your property, complete an inspection, and, if necessary, provide the services needed to eliminate the infestation and prevent its return. To learn all about our termite control services, reach out to us today.


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