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What are earwigs?

Earwigs are dark reddish-brown insects that are roughly 5/8th of an inch in length at adulthood and can be found both with and without wings. These pests have long, smooth bodies with appendages called cerci at their back end. Despite popular belief, earwigs, also known as pincher bugs, do not crawl into people's ears while they sleep and lay eggs.

detailed close up of a earwig with red head and yellow legs resting on a fuzzy leaf

Are earwigs dangerous?

Despite their creepy appearance, earwigs are not considered dangerous pests but are instead more of a nuisance. The only threat these insects pose to humans comes in the form of their bite, though their bites will only cause slight localized pain and will typically only bite when they feel trapped or threatened.

Why do I have an earwig problem?

When the weather becomes unfavorable outside, that is when earwigs will usually begin to invade homes. If you are dealing with earwigs in your home, it’s most likely because your home is providing them with everything they need to survive and thrive.

Earwigs can invade homes in various ways, including:

  • Through a crack or gap in your exterior foundation.

  • Carried in on an item such as a newspaper, piece of lawn furniture, or other object from outdoors.

Where are earwigs commonly found?

Earwigs are nocturnal insects that typically only come out at night to feed on decaying plant materials or other insects. By nature, earwigs prefer to hide in the dark and damp areas of your home. Once they invade, some common areas where earwigs can be found include:

  • In basements

  • Under rugs

  • Under potted plants

  • In crawlspaces

  • In storage areas

How do I get rid of earwigs?

If you are looking for a way to get earwigs out of your home and keep them out for good, you will find your best answer here at Green Pest Management. When you invite us onto your property, we will seek out and find how and why earwigs are invading. We will then set up a two-fold defense around your home, both in the form of a granular repellent and also in the form of a spray defense. This will not only keep earwigs from invading your home, but will also work to deter a number of other pests as well.

To learn more about how our home pest control plans can protect your home from earwigs, reach out to us at Green Pest Management today!

How can I prevent earwigs in the future?

The best way you can deter earwigs from invading your home is with moisture reduction. To accomplish this, search around your home for areas of water build-up. These water sources could be the result of a leak or problem with your home's gutter system. Have any broken plumbing repaired and make sure your gutters are working well is a helpful step in keeping earwigs from invading. In addition, consider the use of dehumidifiers in areas known for high humidity to deter those pests.


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