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Trusted Pest Control Solutions In Downingtown, Pennsylvania

Guard your Downingtown, PA home or business against area pests with help from the local pest professionals at Green Pest Management. We are proud to offer the eco-friendly, effective, and affordable services needed to keep area pests away from people and properties. Our professionals take great pride in treating each of our customers as individuals, ensuring that your property’s unique pest problems are completely solved. To learn more about implementing our effective pest control services into your Downingtown home or business, give Green Pest Management a call today. 

Residential Pest Control In Downingtown, PA

a residential home serviced by green pest management in downington pennsylvania

Pests are a year-round threat to property owners in Downingtown. Keeping them out of your home can be a full-time job. To take the stress of keeping pests out of your home off your shoulders, partner with Green Pest Management and put into place a home pest control plan. A home pest control plan provides the comprehensive protection needed to get pests out and keep pests out of your home throughout the entire year. 

Our Standard Service Plan begins with an initial visit and service to get rid of existing pests. 30 days later, we begin our quarterly visits which include inspection, interior, and exterior treatments, de-webbing for spiders, wasp nest removal, and a satisfaction guarantee. We also have our Premium Service Plan which includes everything in our Standard Service Plan plus termite monitoring to guard against wood-eating termites. For more information about our home pest control plans, reach out to Green Pest Management today. 

3 Things You Can Do To Avoid Rodents In Downingtown, PA

Rodents enjoy living near or with people. We provide them with easy access to food, water, and shelter. Why wouldn’t they love us? Unfortunately, the feeling is not mutual, people tend to not love invasive rodents--and for good reason. They introduce disease, destroy property, contaminant food, and the pitter-patter of their little feet above our ceilings keeps us awake at night. To help you avoid problems with rodent, here are 3 of our most helpful tips:

  1. Inspect the exterior of your home and seal all entry points. Look at the foundation, exterior walls, roofline, chimney, windows, and doors.
  2. Eliminate sources of food by keeping lids on outdoor trash cans and compost bins. Keep outdoor eating areas picked up and remove fruits and vegetables that have fallen to the ground in garden areas.
  3. Get rid of as many places as possible that pests can hide on your property. Trim shrubs and bushes away from your home, remove excess piles of wood, keep the grass cut short, and store firewood up off of the ground and away from the outside of your home. 

In addition to the above 3 tips, avoid rodents by implementing a professional residential or commercial pest control program from Green Pest Management. To learn more about our rodent control service, give us a call today!

Commercial Pest Control In Downingtown, PA

Since our beginning, we have been protecting businesses in Southern Pennsylvania from pests. No matter what your pest problems may be or how big or small your infestation is, Green Pest Management can help. To keep pests away from your Downingtown commercial facility, we provide:

  • Modern, top-of-the-line equipment and treatment methods.

  • Exceptional customer service.

  • Custom-built plans to meet your business’s unique needs.

  • The commitment to your complete satisfaction. 

Our professionals are dedicated to ridding your commercial facility of its pest problems in a timely manner. Our commercial pest control services include free estimates and full-service treatments. For more information about working together to keep pests away from your facility, customers, and employees, give us a call today. 

How Effective Is Mosquito Control In Downingtown, PA

Unfortunately, there is no way to completely eliminate mosquitoes from your property. They live and breed outside and will travel from neighboring properties in search of food. However, Green Pest Management can provide the professional services needed to greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes living and breeding on your property. 

We provide effective mosquito control from April-October, the time of year when mosquito numbers are at their highest. Our professionals will come to your property monthly to treat breeding and nesting sites, eliminating and excluding most mosquitoes from your property. Green Pest Management also has one-time treatment options to reduce mosquito numbers before hosting a large outdoor event. To learn more about our mosquito control services, reach out to us today. 


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