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What are centipedes?

Centipedes come in a variety of sizes, from 1/8th of an inch, up to 6 inches long. Because of their names, centipedes can easily be assumed to have 100 legs, when in reality this number ranges from 30 to 354 individual legs. The most common form of centipede throughout areas we service is known as the house centipede, and it has a distinct black and yellow striped body. These pests can be found invading homes all across Delaware and throughout the surrounding states.

centipede found on a basement floor in wilmington

Are centipedes dangerous?

At first glance, a centipede gives off the appearance of being a dangerous apex predator. In reality, all centipedes are capable of is inflicting a bite about as painful as a bee sting. Although their bite can be more dangerous to individuals who are allergic. We recommend consulting with your doctor to find out just how a centipede bite would affect you.

Why do I have centipede problems?

By nature, centipedes are drawn to dark and damp areas and may invade your home to find a damp, secluded harborage space. These pests are also drawn into homes by the food they hunt; this happens at night where centipedes will emerge from hiding to search for insects such as silverfish, cockroaches, or carpet beetles.

Where are centipedes commonly found?

While centipedes usually prefer to live outdoors, they can sometimes find their way into our homes. Like we said before, these pests are attracted to dark, damp areas. Outdoors, centipedes can be found living under leaves, rocks, and mulch and around the foundations of homes and other buildings. If centipedes invade your home, you'll most likely find them in the damp, secluded areas of your home such as basements, crawlspaces, and bathrooms.

How do I get rid of centipedes?

If you are dealing with centipedes around your home, it may be time to get the professionals here at Green Pest Management involved. Once we have evaluated your home for pest activity through our initial inspection, we'll then treat the exterior of your home. Our treatment method includes both a granular and a spray-on repellent designed to exclude a number of pests, including centipedes. Our methods are fast, safe, effective, and always put your needs first! If you have a pest problem on your hands or would like to learn more about our centipede control options, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We'd be happy to treat your home and help you find freedom from pests!

How can I prevent centipedes in the future?

Dealing with centipedes on your own can be a difficult, and usually frustrating, task. This is due to the way centipedes invade and the pitfalls of store-bought pest control products. In fact, we strongly advise against using store-bought pesticides, as they have been known to cause harm to people and pets, especially if not used properly. If you have centipedes crawling around your home, your best solution is always to reach out to the professionals here at Green Pest Management. We have the solution for you!


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