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Will My Delaware Home Be At Risk For Termites This Summer?

February 27, 2019

How Can I Tell If My Delaware Home Will Be At Risk For Termites This Summer?

Termites are a major pest threat to homes all across America. Home and business owners pay out over $5 billion every year because of termites. Fortunately, for residents here in Delaware, termites are a seasonal invading pest. Meaning, if they have not already invaded your warm home before winter started, you can expect them to wait out the cold before attempting to invade again next spring and summer. Now, it can be easy to sit back and relax during this time, but we highly recommend at least taking a look around your home to see if it may be at risk when the warmer weather hits.

Potential Factors That Could Invite Termites In Come Spring and Summer

The most common species of termite here in Delaware is the subterranean termite, so these are the termites we will focus on today. What draws subterranean termites to properties?

  • Moisture: A termite's skin is prone to drying out, leaving them at risk of death. This fact drives termites to always seek out places that are high in moisture and humidity levels. Most commonly, this drives them to areas of moist soil around the home. This could be anything from your gardening bed that you frequently water or an area near water build up or an exterior leak.
  • Easily Accessible Food: For a termite, food is anything with cellulose in it. Most commonly they find this in soft wood materials. When termites wander onto your property come spring and summer they will be looking for easy sources of food to scavenge and bring back to their colonies. A few things this could be are woodpiles, wet cardboard, or even a decaying tree stump. These things will quickly draw termites onto your property.
  • Water-Damaged Wood: When it comes to termites invading and destroying the structural wood of your home, you may be surprised with how picky they are. Termites will not infest just any wood, but typically softwood that is a result of water damage.

Look around your home for these factors and address as many of them as possible. Consider moving wood piles a good distance away from the exterior walls of your home and have any water-damaged wood repaired. In addition, make sure no exterior soil is directly touching the structural wood of your home giving termites a direct highway to get inside. Implementing these steps will help in keeping your home termite-free come spring and summer.

Why Treatments With Green Pest Is Your Best Chance To Stay Fully Termite-Free

Although the above tips are a good way to reduce your chances of a termite infestation, they are not a complete solution. Here at Green Pest, we have sure solutions that are designed to keep termites away from your home indefinitely. Give us a call today for more information on how we handle termites and to find a plan that will work for you. It would be our pleasure to help

termites swarming on tree bark in deleware backyard

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