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Why Call Green Pest Management For Rodent Removal Services

February 28, 2019

Why Call Green Pest Management for Rodent Removal Services

Although rodents have fur to keep them warm through the winter months, sometimes it just isn’t enough, and the warm interior of our home becomes their best option to escape the cold. This fact leads to an increase of rodent invasions each year as the temperatures drop. This why you may find yourself with some unexpected guests hiding inside your walls. Now, you may think that this is no big deal and that rodents will just go away when the weather gets warmer, but sadly you would be wrong. Here’s why.

Why Rodents Stick Around After Winter

Even though many rodents will invade homes during the winter months simply to find shelter from the cold, there are a few factors that may entice them to stay longer. The biggest factor that will determine if rodents stick around is available food sources. This could be anything from chip crumbs spilled on the floor, to a full leftover sandwich. In reality, rodents will eat practically anything. The biggest issue here is that with the use of their sharp front incisor teeth and dexterous legs, sometimes storing food inside cabinets or on high shelves isn’t enough to keep them from snacking when the sun goes down. This can be beyond frustrating.

Downsides And Dangers Of DIY Rodent Removal

It can be easy to settle for “quick” fixes when it comes to rodent infestations but, sadly, often this doesn’t work as planned. For one, store-bought traps have a tendency to misfire, or not go off at all, giving rodents a chance to feed on bait without the threat of death. Rodents are extremely clever creatures and have been known to eat bait without setting off traps.

Besides snap traps, there are also glue traps. The problem with these traps is that they don’t always work as planned either. And, if they do work, the potentially still-living rodents that are stuck to them need to be disposed of. Not a pleasant task. This can be dangerous and could result in a painful bite if not performed properly.

Finally, there are pesticides for rodents. These are the most dangerous. If used improperly, they can be a threat to more than just rodents. They can harm you and your family as well.

Why Professional Removal Works With Green Pest Management

Don’t waste time, and risk your safety using DIY methods. If rodents have invaded your home, it is time to call the professionals here at Green Pest. Our qualified pest technicians have been trapping and removing rodents from homes for years and would be happy to help you get yours. Give us a call. Our friendly service team is standing by, ready to assist.

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