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Where Is Termite Damage Most Likely To Occur Within My Home?

June 28, 2019

a very large swarm of termites burrowing through a wooden structure on a new castlehome

As we head into summer, our houses begin to look more inviting to the many pests and bugs that we forgot about during the long winter months. Termites, especially, begin to make an appearance throughout the spring and summer. Before the weather gets any warmer, it’s important to take steps to keep termites out of your home or hire professionals to stop termites in their tracks before they cause any damage.

Why are Termites at Their Peak Right Now?

Termites love an environment with high levels of moisture and humidity. During the summer months, the sun can cause termites to die from the dryness and heat.

How Do Termites Get in Your House?

Wet soil often attracts termites to a house. When you water your plants, the damp soil becomes the perfect invitation for termites. Damp dirt could also be caused by a leaking pipe or an especially rainy season. Termites love the moisture and coolness that moist soil provides and where there is moist soil there is likely to be moist wood; their favorite food.

Termites do not prefer hard, dry woods. They want softer materials that are easier to consume. In order to avoid termites, you need to remove food attractants.

You’re more likely to attract termites if you have woodpiles in your yard, old stacks of cardboard boxes or similar material, decaying tree stumps or logs, or water damage in your home. Eastern subterranean termites make nests in the soil and travel to and from their nests in search of food.

How to Keep Termites Outside

Thankfully there are a few ways to make your home more resistant to termites. If possible, remove any dead wood or cardboard from your yard, or at least move it as far from the house as you are able. Try to keep woodpiles dry and protected from rain.

The next step is to look for points where wet soil touches the wood of your home. Termites get into a home by following the dirt to the structural wood of your house. If you keep the area near your house dry or remove soil in these locations, you’ll be less likely to attract unwanted termites. Seal the entry points of your home to keep termites from entering.

When Prevention Isn’t Enough

These tips will help you avoid attracting termites, but they can never replace professional termite control. Termites are extremely destructive insects and incredibly difficult to get rid of on your own. Don't trust your equity to anything less than the complete protection provided by professional termite control products and services. If you're in our service area, reach out to us. We can help you stop termites before they are allowed to damage your home.

The only known way to prevent termite damage is by allowing a Certified Termite Control Professional to use liquid termiticides to create a chemical barrier around a home or to install bait stations around a home to get worker termites to kill their own colonies. Termite control is best applied by a licensed professional because they know how to use products and methods that ensure proper protection.

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