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New Castle's Guide To Avoiding Roof Rats This Winter  

December 16, 2019

As the weather cools down here in New Castle, many pests will be looking for shelter and warmth in our homes. One pest is a little larger, furrier, and more agile than the rest. Of course, we are talking about roof rats. Not known for their cleanliness or hospitality, these rodents will be looking for ways into homes soon. Will they find a way into yours? Let’s find out.

a roof rat creating havoc along a new castle deleware roof top

What Are Roof Rats?

Roof rats, often known as “black rats,” are thin rodents with a pointed nose and a long, scaly tail. They have large eyes and ears and fur that is typically dark brown with black spots scattered over their bodies. Roof rats often have lighter grey or white underbellies, but in some instances, they may have darker fur over their entire bodies. These agile rodents are less common than their Norway rat cousins but are still a major problem in many New Castle homes. 
While these two rat species might seem similar in appearance at first glance, there are several features and habits that set them apart. For one, roof rats are smaller than Norway rats. In addition, Norway rats often appear much rounder, with small ears and eyes, while roof rats are slender and agile. Another way to differentiate these two rodents is by their behavior. Roof rats, as their name would suggest, are often found up high. They climb, using their long tails and strong legs to reach places other rodents cannot. When up high they can get into attics and wall voids. Norway rats, on the other hand, prefer to stay close to the ground and are powerful swimmers. 
As the weather gets cooler, roof rats begin searching for warm, sheltered locations where they can avoid the winter chill. Unfortunately, this can lead to unwanted problems and potential dangers springing up in your New Castle home.

Are Roof Rats Dangerous?

If you have ever done any research about rats, you know they have a rough history. Known for assisting in the spread of the Black Death in the 1300s and causing sickness on ships to the new world, rats have been causing trouble as far back as we can see. In modern times, rats are no different. When they get into homes, they leave their fecal matter and urine wherever they go. They contaminate the food they scavenge and leave bacteria wherever they walk. This can leave you and your family at risk of diseases and parasitic pests.

Rats are also known hosts for fleas, ticks, and mites. These pests cause their own troubles when they infest homes and can be especially troublesome for pets without flea and tick collars. 
In addition to all of this, roof rats can chew through many different important features within your home including electrical wires, utility piping, vents, walls, food cupboards, and even cement foundations. We don’t have to tell you the problems this can cause.

The Safest Most Effective Way To Deal With Roof Rats

If you suspect that roof rats have gotten into your attic spaces and are causing trouble in your home, the professionals here at Green Pest Management are here to help. With state-of-the-art traps and bait, we can have your home rodent free ASAP. And if you are looking for a way to protect your home against future rodent invaders, we have solutions for that as well.
To find out more about our rodent protection and elimination services, or to schedule your home for a rodent inspection, give us a call today!

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