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How To Keep Stink Bugs Away From Homes In Delaware

September 13, 2019

a stink bug crawlong along and chewing the leafs inside of a deleware garden

Do you deal with stink bugs around, and sometimes inside, your Delaware home? If so, you're not alone. These insects can become pests, especially in the fall when temperatures begin to drop. Cold weather has the tendency to turn these crop pests into residential pests. Sadly, there isn't a whole lot you can do about it without professional help. The reasons stink bugs come into your yard aren't really within your ability to control. Here's the problem.

When it gets cold outside, stink bugs gather together on sun-warmed surfaces to stay warm. They'll do this on a rock in a meadow or on the side of a home. They don't have a preference. That means stink bugs will come into your yard for no other reason than to take advantage of the big, sun-warmed surfaces.

Having warm surfaces on your home isn't the only reason stink bugs may decide to come into your yard. They feed on the sap of plants. If you have lots of vegetation, your yard will be more appealing to stink bugs because it will have a desirable food source. Gardens, fruit trees, and other crops are even more inviting.

So, what can you do? The title of this article is "How to Keep Stink Bugs Away." If they come onto your property because you have a home on it or because you have landscaping, removing attractants really isn't an option. You'll just be left with a barren lot. Fortunately, there is a way to keep stink bugs away from your Delaware home without removing those attractants. Make it uncomfortable for stink bugs to be in your landscaping or congregating on your home. This is where we can help. At Green Pest Management, we offer routine treatments that help to resist and reduce insects around man-made structures in Delaware. The fewer stink bugs you have around your home, the less chance you're going to have of those stinky bugs getting in.

Now it the perfect time to begin residential pest control in Delaware. It won't be long till the temperatures start to drop and insects start to look for a place to hide from the cold. Don't let them hide in your home, get your pest protection in place. It's easy to get started. Request a free, no-obligation, home pest inspection and we'll send a licensed pest professional (not a salesperson) right to your Delaware home. You'll get guidance on what pest pressures you have and what services will work to manage those nuisances and threats. It's that simple.

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