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How To Enjoy A Pest-Free 2019 In Delaware

January 4, 2019

As the seasons change here in Delaware, so do the types of pests that pose a problem to your home and yard. The pests you may encounter in winter are going to be different than the ones you encounter in summer, and the ones that come out in full force in spring will not all be the same as the ones you find in autumn. Even so, it is still possible to enjoy a pest-free 2019 here in Delaware.

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Common Pests To Be Aware Of Throughout The Year


While rodents can be a year-round problem, they are most likely to invade in late fall or winter when they need warm shelter and a steady food source to survive. While frightening to find inside your home, the bigger problem with rodents is that they are dangerous to humans, transmitting diseases and parasites, contaminating food, and destroying property.


Spiders can also be a year-round problem, although they’re most likely to come inside in the winter for warmth or in the summer to avoid the worst of the heat. While most species of spiders are simply nuisances, some are venomous. A spider infestation can also indicate another pest problem since they won’t typically stay in a place that doesn’t have a food source for them.


Cockroaches are most active during the hottest summer months. When they invade, these pests will take up residence in the damp, secluded areas of your home and can spread a variety of different bacteria and illnesses. In fact, cockroaches can even trigger asthma symptoms and attacks in some people.


Ants are another spring and summer pest. If you have a lot of them in your yard, they will almost certainly find their way into your home and are likely to stay if they find food. There are many types of ants that can cause a variety of problems including painful bites, contaminated food, and damage to your home.

General Prevention Steps To Take To Enjoy A Pest-Free 2019 In Delaware

While various pests require various forms of prevention, many prevention steps you can take are the same no matter what type of pest you’re trying to prevent.


  • Keep your yard well-maintained; remove brush and lawn debris, keep your grass trimmed, and cut back branches and shrubbery so they don’t touch your home's exterior.

  • Remove or cover all outdoor food sources, including pet food bowls and garbage bins.

  • Eliminate areas of excess moisture, such as clogged gutters, standing water on the lawn, and bird baths.

  • Inspect around your home for holes, gaps, cracks, or any other damage to the roof, siding, windows, doors, and foundation and fix or fill any you find.

  • Cap your chimney and cover all vents and openings with wire mesh.


  • Store all food items in airtight containers or in the refrigerator

  • Remove the garbage frequently

  • Clean up spills and messes

  • Clean counters and wash dishes regularly

  • Sweep and vacuum frequently

How To Enjoy A Pest-Free 2019 In Delaware

If you find yourself with a pest problem or if you’d prefer a more hands-off approach to pest control, give Green Pest Management a call. We offer plans that provide year-round protection against a wide range of pests, so you don’t have to worry about them, no matter what season it is. For more information about our pest control options, click here!

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