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How Green Pest Management Keeps Mosquitoes From Biting

June 13, 2019

a mosquito biting the bare skin of a resident during a bright summer day

First, you may feel a tiny sting, then a faint itch, then a stronger itch… Mosquito bites can start itching almost immediately, and they can keep bothering you for days. Summer feels like the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors and make the most of your front porch. However, mosquitoes can send you running back inside covered in large, itchy welts.

When is Mosquito Season?

Mosquitoes are predominant throughout the months of April to October. They accompany summer and warm weather and tend to stick around until fall hits again. Mosquitoes love weather that is above 80 degrees but they hibernate as soon as the temperature drops below 50. This means that throughout the summer they will be making it difficult to enjoy the great outdoors.

Mosquitoes can feel like the impossible pest, but there are treatments to help clear your yard. Green Pest Management offers a seasonal treatment plan with four visits throughout the summer months. Each visit will keep your yard mostly mosquito free for about one month. This means you can get through summer without feeling the need to stay inside.

How Does Mosquito Treatment Work?

Green Pest Management gets rid of mosquitoes in two ways. One, they treat areas where mosquitoes breed, and two, they treat areas where mosquitoes nest. Mosquitoes breed quickly wherever there is stagnant water. This means ditches, drainage systems, pools, puddles, ponds, even buckets with some water in them are all places mosquitoes multiply. Green Pest Management sprays these areas to keep mosquitoes from breeding near your home.

In order to truly get rid of mosquitoes, you need to also get rid of the mosquitoes that are already flying around your yard. Mosquitoes nest in trees, bushes, shrubs, and along the edges of fence lines. The more greenery in your yard, the more likely you are to have mosquitoes. Green Pest Management sprays these areas so that mosquitoes can’t live in your space.

Benefits of Mosquito Treatment

There are many benefits to getting your yard treated for mosquitoes. For one, mosquitoes are annoying creatures that make it difficult to organize any kind of gathering or event. They interrupt the joys of summer and their bites last longer than the fun. 

But mosquitoes are not just a nuisance. They’re also dangerous. They can carry diseases that are harmful to humans. You may have heard of malaria or Zika, but mosquitoes also bring other diseases that are more common in the U.S. They can give people yellow fever or West Nile virus, among others. It’s important to get rid of mosquitoes to keep yourself and your family safe.

Why Call Pest Control?

Pest control professionals know exactly what areas to target when treating for mosquitoes. They can easily find key breeding and nesting areas and spray them to reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property. This will give you peace of mind and help you enjoy your summer without the worry of mosquitoes and their uncomfortable bites.

Green Pest Management makes it easy. You can call to request seasonal treatment, or you can call for a one-time solution. If you have an event planned and notice a new surge of mosquitoes, Green Pest Management will come to your property before the event and help clear the air of mosquitoes. There’s no reason to move your barbecue inside or cancel a picnic, Green Pest Management can complete a one-time mosquito treatment to give you the flexibility you need for your outdoor events. Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your summer, call Green Pest Management for the solution.

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