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How Delaware Residents Can Keep Their Yards Ant-Free This Summer

April 17, 2019

a carpenter ant crawling along a delaware yard

How often during the summer do you spend time outdoors in your yard? How much more time would you spend in your yard if you knew you wouldn’t have pesky ants bothering you? For many homeowners across our fine state of Delaware, ants are a major summer nuisance. If you are expecting to have trouble this summer with these pesky food stealers, we have an answer that we are confident will solve your ant problems before they even start.

Seasonality For Ants and Factors That Will Draw Them Into Yards

When snow is covering the ground in the winter time, how often do you see ants crawling about outdoors? Never, right? This is because, like many other pests, ants have a season. When is this season? Well, it changes a little each year depending on when the weather decides to heat back up. This typically happens here in late spring, early summer.

As for what draws ants into yards, it comes down to two major factors, available food sources, and available water sources. Because most pest ants are omnivorous, food can be anything from a dropped apple to a barbequed rib left out after a cookout. When it comes to water sources, many ants get water from the foods they eat. However, there are some species such as pharaoh ants that require a more reliable water source to survive.

Prevention Steps To Keep Ants Out Of Your Yard

If you are looking for a way to keep unwanted scavenging ants out of your yard this summer, your first step should be to reduce the factors that draw them in. Consider these following steps to accomplish this.
If you have fruit trees or berry bushes, make sure you clean up fallen " ant snacks" when they ripen and fall to the ground.
After outdoor cookouts, make sure no leftover food or drinks are left out where ants can scavenge.

  • Check your gutters and make sure they are in good working order and properly channeling water away from your home.
  • To keep carpenter ants away, trim back hedges and greenery around the foundation of your home to ensure it gets plenty of drying sunlight and air.
  • Also for carpenter ants, move wood piles a good distance away from your home.

Why Professional Treatment Is Worth It

When it comes to the best way to keep ants out of your yard this summer, your answer lies with Green Pest Management. Our solutions are designed to go above and beyond the effectiveness of DIY to ensure your yard has the most reliable coverage available. For your very own ant-free summer yard, give us a call today.

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