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Have you prepared your New Castle home for rodent season?

September 27, 2019

a house mouse feasting on grains form a new castle deleware home

As fall approaches, it is the perfect time to start thinking about mice prevention. Sounds like a glamorous task, right?  Trust us, it’s much less glamorous to be cleaning mouse droppings from your silverware drawer at six a.m. and wondering if mice got into your favorite cereal. Prevention is far better than extermination, and we’ve got tips to keep your New Castle home rodent free this fall.

Season Changes and Rodents

As the weather gets colder, rodents like mice begin looking for a place to shelter and overwinter. Your basement or attic can make the perfect home for mice. Storage boxes, holiday decorations, insulation, and holes and cracks in the walls around the warm furnace, are just a few of the places mice will take up residence. 
Mice also need food to survive the winter and, as food sources outdoors become more scarce, they will move indoors. Your pantry can provide a tasty meal for mice and other rodents. They can chew through cardboard boxes, plastic packaging, and more, to get to your food.

Things to Do Around Your New Castle House to Deter Mice

Mice can fit through rather small holes. They can also climb and chew. For these reasons, you need to think like a mouse. Get low and look for tiny cracks, openings around pipes or wires that enter your home through its exterior, or spaces under doors or around windows. Use foam caulking, door sweeps, and mesh to patch up any openings.

Look up and see if you have branches overhanging your roofline that would make it easy for rodents to crawl across. Check soffits and vents for any damage or missing screens and repair them. Install chimney caps. 
Indoors, store food in airtight containers - glass or food grade plastic is ideal. Keep fruits and bread in the refrigerator or in sealed containers rather than sitting out on your counter. Clean up spills, vacuum, and take out trash frequently to reduce the risk of crumbs that may attract pests. Feed your pets in the kitchen and remove their dishes promptly. Don’t let family members take food into their rooms or leave dirty dishes around the house.

Professional Pest Control for Mice    

At Green Pest Management in New Castle, we are experts at rodent exclusion and removal. Request your free inspection by calling us at (302) 440-2769. We have several year-round pest control plans that we guarantee to keep pests out of your home. We also offer one-time service. Contact us if you suspect a mouse or other rodent infestation in your New Castle-area home.

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