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Delaware's Mice Prevention Reference Guide

February 18, 2020

Have you seen a mouse inside your Delaware home? If so, there are a few things you can expect. Mice chew holes in building materials, furniture, food packaging and more. They can spread ticks, fleas, lice, mites and other parasites. They leave their droppings in your ventilation ducts, attic spaces, and everywhere else they roam around your home. They soak insulation with urine. Worst of all, they're hard to get rid of. Mice reproduce quickly and their behavior patterns help them avoid being caught or killed. These are some of the many reasons why you should call Green Pest Management when you find a mouse in your Delaware home. But, before mice get in, there are a few things you can do to prevent a mouse infestation. That is what we are talking about today.

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Why Mice Come Into Your Yard

You may think that mice will come into your yard no matter what you do. This is partly true. A mouse can explore a yard that offers no particular incentive. But there are several things a mouse is looking for. If it finds them in your yard, it will be inclined to explore your property more thoroughly. This can lead them to find tiny entry points or vulnerabilities to exploit. What draws a mouse to your yard or your home?

  • Food. There are many things that mice consider to be food. Some of them may surprise you. For instance, birdseed is highly attractive to mice as a food source. Seeds are a staple of a mouse's diet. If you have bird feeders near your home, you're inviting mice to come in close to your exterior walls. Mice feed on bugs. If you have lots of bugs, you'll have some very happy mice. They'll also get into your garbage and eat whatever they can find. They're not picky. 

  • Water. If you have puddles near your home, you're providing a watering hole for mice.

  • Clutter. Mice are timid. They prefer to be in areas where there are lots of hiding places. They will hide in wood piles, toys, objects stored in the backyard, landscaping and more.

Why Mice Get In

As a mouse explores the exterior of your home, it can find many reasons to want to get in. It might see a tiny gap in your weatherstripping and squeeze in. It only takes a hole the size of a dime to let most mice into your home. It might be a gap around a pipe. It might be a broken window pane, and easy, secluded access to a wood frame. In the fall, when temperatures drop, mice can feel the heat coming out of your home. This is one of the greatest incentives for mice to chew a hole in your exterior.

How Mice Get In

There are many areas that are vulnerable to mice. We mentioned whether stripping, but an exterior door offers many more options for entry. A mouse can chew through a door sweep. It can chew through the frame. It can chew or scratch a hole in the seal around the frame. Mice also climb up downspouts to gain access to your roofline and seals around roof penetrations.

How to Keep Mice Out

You can resist mice by removing the attractants listed above and by sealing and protecting entry points. Do a detailed inspection of your home's exterior. Seal entry points. And, if you see a vulnerability, consider applying metal flashing to protect it from those little, wood-gnawing pests. Put wire mesh in your downspouts and trim tree branches away from your roofline to keep mice off your roof.

Professional Mouse Control in Delaware

It can be hard work to keep mice out of your home. At Green Pest Management, we don't just help Delaware residents rid their homes of mice, we also provide ongoing rodent monitoring and control. Reach out to us today to get control of rodents. We're here to help.

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