Home Pest Control Services for the Newark and Wilmington, DE, Area

Initial During the initial service, your technician will evaluate what is the best treatment method for your home, depending on your needs.  A full exterior treatment will be done, starting with the base of the home.  Not only will the entire foundation of your home be treated, but the technician will also use a granule to treat 4-6 feet around your home as well, creating a barrier to keep crawling pests from invading your home.

Unlike other pest control companies, we don't just focus on the base of your home.  Since many pests can fly or come over from nearby vegetation, we also use our industry-leading de-webbing poles to clean the spider webs, spider egg-sacks, and wasps nests off of your home as well, giving your home 100% protection from the ground to the roof.  The technician will also do an entire inside service, focusing on areas where pests are most likely to occur (kitchen, bathrooms, basement).  However, since no two homes are alike, we always customize our service to the needs and desires of the homeowner, ensuring that you receive the service you want and need!

A man offering home pest control services in Newark, DE

Treatment program Even though we do an extremely thorough job on our initial service, modern pest control products break down after a few months.  We schedule our technicians to return to your home every  season (every 3 months) to re-treat  your home to break down the life-cycle of the existing pests in your home, as well as keep new pests from invading.  Because most pests can be controlled from the outside, we focus more on the exterior of the home during our follow-up treatments.  The follow up treatments are performed exactly like the initial treatment, with different products being used depending on the time of year the treatment is performed.  But, just like the initial, if you would like the inside done as well, we are more than happy to schedule an appointment on your follow-up services at a time that is convenient for you.

Foundation Treatment

Other Some pests require different and unique treatment methods.  Some of these pests include fleas, bed bugs, box elder bugs, and asian beetles.  If you have any of these pests, or think that you might, call us for a free quote.  We are happy to give you an estimate and explain our treatment procedures for these types of pests.

We service every type of home