Is it safe?

Absolutely!  We use only the safest products that have gone through rigorous testing by the EPA.  Plus, unlike other pest control companies who use large tanks and power hoses to apply unnecessary amounts of chemical to your home, we use backpack sprayers so we can better control the amount of product we use on your home, ensuring the right amount of product is used on your home.

Enjoying the outdoors

Why do I need it every 3 months?  Can't I get it just once?

Once a product is exposed to the atmosphere, it starts to break down.  A typical application on the outside of a home will last between 60-90 days, depending on the product used and the weather.  Once the product breaks down, there is no active product on the exterior of your home.  This is why we come out and re-apply ever few months, to ensure that you always have an active pest barrier on the outside of your home.  Because products applied on the inside are not exposed to the weather or UV light, they typically have a longer residual, so treating on the inside every 3 months is usually not necessary.  However, we will treat on the inside every time if requested.

Why do I need it in the winter?  The bugs are all gone by then.

This is a very common misconception.  Even though during the winter months insect activity is low, the insects are still there.  They don't die off when it gets cold.  When the weather starts to cool down, pests do one of two things, they either move their nests, eggs and all, in the wall of the home during the winter, or they will go 18 – 24 inches down in the ground, below the freeze line.  This is why homes experience high pest activity during the spring time.  When the weather warms up in the spring, all of the pests and eggs that have been dormant during the colder months spring back to life, causing a large pest population boom.  During the winter months, when the weather is below freezing during the day, we don't use a liquid spray on the home.  We use a water activated granule around the foundation of the home.  This way, when the weather warms up and the bugs become active again, there is already product around the home, keeping those pesky insects from entering the home.

Also during the winter is when rodent activity is usually at its peak.  We spend a lot of our time during your winter treatment doing rodent exclusion.  We want to seal off your home as good as we can to keep rodents from entering the home, where they can cause damage and spread disease.

Can I only get the service for 6 months?

In order to completely protect your home from pests and eliminate any pests that have already nested in the wall of your home, a complete service is needed.  Some pests, like ants, can have a life cycle that can last up to 10 months.  In order to eliminate these pests, there needs to be active product around your home during that entire time.  This ensures that when the eggs of these bugs hatch, they can quickly be eliminated before they have a chance to relocate and start reproducing again.